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There’s something about a weekend cleaning spree that really gets the creative juices flowing. Maybe it’s dancing around my apartment with Sinatra blaring through my surround sound, singing into the handle of a Swiffer sweeper (this may or may not actually happen…you’ll never know). Maybe the physical activity and having your brain thinking about what needs attention also gets you thinking about needs in other areas of your life…like your blog. You don’t have to tell me: I know already that lengthy rants, after a while, get a little old. There’s a reason why I have to balance scholarly analysis from The Mises Institute and shameless damning commentary from Reason Magazine. So I wanted to share some shorter post ideas that you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

Metal Mondays

You were just talking about Frank Sinatra. Where the fuck did metal come from? Chalk it up to me being a musician (semi-retired drummer, if you must know) I enjoy all sorts of genres. Gene Krupa’s groovy floor tom pattern on Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing) is as much of an influence on my playing as Chris Adler’s machine gun-like double kick that is the driving force behind virtually every Lamb Of God song in existence. But in regards to politics (and more specifically, anti-state politics) nothing hits closer to home than good old fashioned, “fuck the system” metal. Whether it’s a simple nod, or a deconstruction of Zack de la Rocha’s (Rage Against The Machine) misguided good intentions, the rebellious will get their limelight on the blogosphere stage as well.

gruesome groin shot

Reason readers are familiar with the Daily Brickbat, but for those who aren’t, what in the hell is a brickbat anyways? I had to pay a quick visit to and found that it’s “an unkind or unfavorable remark; caustic criticism.” I prefer the illustrative metaphor of a groin shot because I don’t care what biological appendage you have between your thighs, a swift kick or carefully aimed projectile below the belt hurts like hell.


So here’s to the quick bits of critical commentary, embarrassing faux pas, or epic failures that illicit a reaction of pain just from reading it.


commentary & analysis

This is the obvious bulk content of this page. Majority of which will be economics related because I truly believe that most social ideas and policies end up relating to what people do at an economic level. Expect future posts about minimum wage, inflation, fractional reserve banking, privatization of public programs, and socialism, along with more “fun” pieces such 10 Reasons Why Democrats Should Vote Libertarian and 10 Reasons for Republicans too. Got a hot topic you want me to cover? Shoot me a comment or message. I’ll try my best to work it in. Enjoy!


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