About Me

[update 06/28/2018 – under construction]

Your place for all things libertarian, commentary, and Austrian economics (with respect to the Chicagoans). This page isn’t for good, clean, family fun. I’m crass. I’m rude. My filter switch is perpetually in the “off” position. I swear too much. I drink too much. I smoke too much. I’m an overall inappropriate person.


I hope this can be a good resource for you, for insight and opinion (and maybe a few cheap laughs). I type how I talk so expect hyperbole, innuendos, and off topic tangents.

The name is Brad. EKU Colonel. Not quite 30. Soon-to-be engineer. Wrench head. Petrolsexual. Beer drinker. Hookah smoker. Enjoy!

S/N Fruit Sushi 2 Go in the Reason Magazine comments section.
Past screen names:


  • Anrcho-Woodchipper



  • Anarcho-Engineer



  • Colonel Engineer



DISCLAIMER: I have this set up to where I must approve all comments. If the basis of your comment is “libertarians are stupid,” don’t expect to see it. If you have a legitimate concern or challenge, and you’re not a dick about it, then I will allow and encourage discussion. If it’s a big enough item, it just might get a dedicated post.



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